| Thames river and City Hall
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Thames river and City Hall

By Mindy Qin

Oil on canvas board


Edition: Original painting

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Mindy Qin

I moved to London, The U.K. seven years ago from China, to complete an MBA in luxury  brand marketing with my beloved dog, Heidi. Having studied drawing and painting for my  undergraduate degree in fashion design, I picked up a brush to paint his portrait to help me  process my grief over losing Heidi. Since then I’ve started to love painting and made the  decision to be a painter for the rest of my life. Through focusing on landscape, my artwork  expresses my feelings about nature, which I believe is a great source of inspiration, healing  and positivity. I like to transmit the landscape onto my canvas using a palette of  complementary colours that convey my understanding of nature, which is a mix of reality and  my philosophy. All life is like connecting the changing seasons, learning to handle the winter,  cultivate the seeds or dreams of hope in the spring and celebrating the joy in the harvest  autumn.  

My art is about the journey of inner discovery through my soul and emotions, and the  patterns of dialogue and connection between me and nature. I believe the choice of light  and colours reveals the truth of a painter’s life. I am inspired by the work of impressionists  such as Claude Monet and Van Gogh.