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Park Life

By Rory Brooke



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Rory Brooke

In my work I search to illustrate paradoxes and unusual ways of viewing common images. I am interested in revealing the hidden history and thought processes behind things. Examples of themes including: travel on the old routemaster 38 bus (drawing upon renaissance colours and compositions); the influence of planning and property development on our cities and landscape; the beauty of spaghetti junction at night; images of an easy listening night at the former Trafalgar Pub in Birmingham; and a series on people close to me and how I perceive them and the things that have influenced and shaped them and me. I enjoy using both colour and relief and most of my work is screenprints or linocuts.

I am the founder member and first chair of East London Printmakers. I was inspired by Birmingham Print Workshop and sought out fellow printmaker artists in East London with a common interest in promoting printmaking and developing resources for artists and the community to use. I have exhibited in group and solo shows in locations including London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff.