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By Yuji Hiratsuka

Intaglio and Chine Colle


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Yuji Hiratsuka

Yuji Hiratsuka was born 1954 in Osaka, Japan. In 1985 he moved to the United States to pursue graduate degrees in printmaking at New Mexico State University (M.A.) and at Indiana University (M.F.A.). Since 1987 Hiratsuka has been teaching printmaking and drawing at several universities. He currently serves as a Professor of printmaking at Oregon State University, Corvallis.

Although his artwork is representational, he deals with more metaphorical aspects in his work, rather than simple realistic images. While the images have some resemblance to traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, their sense of whimsy, satire and irony relate more closely to contemporary life and western sensibilities. Hiratsuka’s graphic work has been exhibited in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has received numerous awards in international competitions. During the last four years he has had 14 solo shows in the United States, and international solo shows in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Munich, Germany and Geneva, Switzerland.