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Branagans Temple

By Paul Heliwell


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Paul Heliwell

My recent paintings explore permutations and groupings of figures to represent attributes of the self and other. I use an improvisational technique of linear drawing to manifest imagery from the unconscious mind. My work is an attempt to visualise something that has not been seen before, I do not illustrate what I already know; I aim to discover something as it is brought into existence.

I intuitively put a painting together, relying on the transformational potential of materials and processes. I am intrigued by the fragmentation of linear form and the disfigurement that ensues from breaking up a composition.  My ambition for a finished painting is for one which would be perceived as being imaginative in its materiality, expressive in its visualisation, and sensitive in its handling. I find imagery and the world of representation emotive, paintings have always resonated on a deeper level with me.

​My work steps into bold colour, journeying beyond the hyperreal that is all around us, embedded into digital structures and the urban environment. Fascinated with the fabricated and manmade, drawn to the garish but with sensibility and an eye for detail.

Compelled to strip back figuration to its starting point in the immediacy of free-flowing line and gesture, erasing the need for a naturalistic language, whilst exploring marks to give physicality beyond the linear limitations of a framework that populates colourful and sumptuous grounds.

Figures unified, conjoined, as-one in an exploration of total interconnection, informed by popular culture and abstract painting, sometimes verging on the dark side of playful… a hybrid combining the raw approach of primitivism meets neo-pop art.

Mine is a self-generated made-up way of working which allows unconscious thoughts to be embodied intuitively within paint, exploring pictorial language and the possibilities of picture making. A continuing dialogue between abstraction and figuration, and the tension that ensues is central to the momentum and meaning of my work, which encompasses both spontaneity and deliberation with passionate creativity.