Scott Bauer

Paintings are illusions. But the medium and the surface together generate a reality: an object but also a reaction from the viewer. Whatever impulse to communicate inspires a painting, the object that comes from that desire becomes its own reality. And the process of conveying an idea in paint alters it, sometimes to a degree where the original idea is unrecognisable: the hand isn’t merely doing the bidding of the mind. This is what makes the creative process so exciting to me. This is why I paint.

I take my inspiration from nature, abstracting what I see to try to distil a sensation. Often I seek to represent catharsis, similar to what I might feel looking at nature. I often use lines, singly or in great monochrome or chromatic clusters, to convey a sensation or a rhythm onto a two-dimensional surface.

Despite these successes, there still was something missing and deep inside he knew he had to enjoy what he loves best – he needed to dedicate all his time to his great passions: painting, his family and love life. Because of this, he has now given up engineering and is coming to live in London. He will run his business from there, as well as pursuing his artistic endeavours.

He feels that London is the place to be right now. London’s rain and grey skies combined with its diversity are a great inspiration to him – a canvas in which he can fill with colour and positivity that comes from within.