Nikolay Nedev


Nikolay Nedev is a young    Bulgarian based artist and sculptor. B.1985 .He expresses his works in mainly metals like bronze, cooper, steel,.He often likes  to work with  car parts  and recycled materials and expresses his ideas through sculptures, optic art and installations. 

Nikolay is full of passion and energy and works on topics that he feels are important to our present and future and he is aiming to fill public spaces with outstanding sculptures and installations.

Nikolay was born in Bulgaria in 1985. He graduated from National academy of arts in Sofia in metal design in 2009 and then master of art in metal design from the same institution in 2011. He also undertook courses in Graphic and fine art in National art school in Varna.

Shortly after he finished his master education in fine arts he moved abroad to get in touch with wider contemporary world of art to find a stage for his works. He has been living in Berlin since 2016 and now based in London and has been exhibiting and travelling.

After finishing his education he took part in several exhibition home and abroad many in Berlin. In 2013, in Nues Museum Berlin under Design and realisation of Amarna light table. Then in object design in 2013 in Castle Germany, designed a sculptural pedestal. He also took part in exhibition at Boyana studios Sofia movie production in 2012, rise of an empire. In September 2014  in a group show , at Graffit Gallery in Varna  ,  then in June 2015  exhibited a stone sculpture at a playground in Schloss Berg Germany, in October 2014   “ a splash of now” a group show at Graffit gallery in Varnna.

He also took part in group show again in Germany called language of love at Loophale Berlin, then in Belgium titled, glo art –art residue and Nikolay piece called comfort of reality. Recently in a European travelling exhibition called the History of Europe which went from city to city including Warsaw, Copenhagen, Munich, Jubijana and London also in 2017 at Rickshaw gallery London. Nikolay also took part in a group show with Bulgarian artists called the Next B,  in Berlin  Nov 2015 and in Warsaw  September 2015.