Moses Kanneh


Moses Kanneh, a contemporary illustrator and artist based in London.

I create works of art that are imaginative, thoughtful and creative, full of life and energy. I love to create things that are strange and mysterious but conceptual.

After graduating from an Animation course at the London College of Communication University in London, I was heavily inspired by storytelling and decided to explore the world of illustration and graphic novels.

I consider myself to be quite a deep thinker, as there are many things that I like to think about, that inspire my creativity and ideas.

I work across both digital and traditional platforms such as Manga Studio and Photoshop. While at the same time creating work on canvas, as I love the raw and innate experience of creating something new on canvas with acrylics and all types of materials.

My art is inspired by the things I see in my day to day life and my personal observations, I’m also inspired by things that are fictional, abstract and conceptual.